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RTS Marine and Power Service works within the Marine and Power Industries. We have been working in these areas for the last 20 years. We assist in locating quality parts and quality service for those that operate ships and power stations. RTS Machine Repair works in the maintenance business and carries out preventative and remedial repair to machinery in the Vancouver and surrounding areas.

Parts - RTS Marine and Power works with some of the worlds most trusted independent suppliers of engine components and reconditioning services. The companies we work with have been supplying the marine and power industries for many years and have built impressive reputations. They also have vast knowledge and are able to supply hard to get parts and components, often off the shelf. Reconditioned major components are available such as crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons. All critical parts are reconditioned, inspected and new Class Certificates are provided.  Services such as on site replacement of rudder post seals, line boring of propeller housing and cast iron or steel crack repair can also be arranged.

Working out of Vancouver, RTS has been assisting ship owners for many years. Vancouver is a major port which is Canada’s west coast gateway to the world. It is also a major cruise ship terminus. We have good relationships with most cruise ship owners and have assisted many cargo vessel owners that call into the port.

RTS is also working to assist power stations around the world. Owners obtain the parts and services they require and RTS coordinates the supply and develops the relations with the suppliers. Many items that are required to keep the machinery working are available from trusted sources. Almost al parts delivered are OEM and quality is never a problem. Parts originate in Europe.

RTS Maintenance Service works in the Vancouver area and services tool-room equipment for various schools and other facilities. We also carry out repairs and maintenance to compressors and other important equipment.  Many older machines require parts that are not available. In such cases we often manufacture replacement parts or repair the old parts. As well as these activities, we are often called on to assist in the planning of new workshops and the procurement of equipment. We offer advice on the cost effectiveness of repairs when compared to replacement. We also carry out warranty work for major manufacturers.